Scranton, PA Bloom Carriage Mfg Co Fire, May 1890


About Forty Houses and Factories Destroyed by Fire.

Fire broke out in the works of the BLOOM CARRIAGE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, on Eighth street, in Scranton, Penn., at eight o'clock in the evening and spread rapidly to adjoining property and destroyed eighteen private dwellings the pattern shop and boiler house of FINCH'S foundry and the screen works of BROOK & ROSS.

For two hours the fire raged with great fury, being fanned by a strong wind. Most of the families in the burned dwellings were able to move their effects, thus lessening the loss. One block of twelve houses was carried away completely.

E. ROBINSON'S great brewery caught fire from the burning buildings, and was badly damaged. It is estimated that at least forty dwelling houses have been destroyed and that 150 people are homeless.

The loss on the carriage works will be $75,000; insurance, $18,500. FINCH'S foundry, loss, $20,000; COOPER, loss, $10,000; insurance, $7,000; and the losses of other owners and occupants of house will bring the total loss up to $160,000.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1890-05-16