Philadelphia, PA Fires, Jan 1862


About 7 ½ o'clock yesterday morning, fire was discovered in the upper story of the large four-storied structure, Nos. 417 and 419 Dillwyn street, above Callowhill. In consequence of the snow storm which prevailed at the time, much difficulty was experienced in getting the apparatus to the spot, and the conflagration made considerable headway.

The fire burned stubbornly for three hours, destroying the fourth-story attic roof, damaging the third story, and causing the entire building and the adjoining properties to be completely deluged. The building owned by MR. WM. LEVICK, was occupied by the following named parties: First floor, basement, and second floor, by ROBERT W. PECHIN, currier and leather dealer, He had a heavy stock of leather and materials on hand, which suffered severely from water. The loss, which will probably reach $3,000, is fully covered by insurance.

The third story was only occupied in part. Its tenants were JOSEPH COLOBES and GEORGE T. ZIMMERMAN, upholsterers and cabinet makers. Their lost is about $200, upon which there is no insurance.

The front part of the fourth story was occupied by four German cabinet-makers, who were in business in a small way upon their own account. Their names are CHARLES SCHIVELY, PHILIP HERRICK, CONRAD BRUDEAM and GEORGE FELL. A woodcarver, named WM. KEYSER, occupied a portion of the same apartment. The loss of these five men is about one hundred dollars each, upon which there is no insurance.

The fire broke out in the shop occupied by these men, and Fire Marshal BLACKBURN is satisfied that it was the result of carelessness.

The loss on the building is about $4,000, which is fully covered by insurance.

A four-storied structure, on the north, No. 421, owned by MR. LEVICK, and occupied by LAWRENCE FLOOD, currier, was overflowed with water. Loss covered by insurance.

No. 415, an old-fashioned two-and-a-half storied building, owned by WILLIAM FRISHMUTH, and occupied by WILLIAM DONOVAN as a coffee roasting and spice-grinding establishment, was flooded with water. The stock on hand was small, and the loss is not heavy. Insured.

The firemen, who worked heroically, suffered much from the severity of the weather.

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