Pattons Station, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1892


An Engineer's Carelessness Causes a Disastrous Collision.

A disastrous wreck, by which seven persons last their lives and over a dozen were seriously if not fatally injured, occurred on the Clearfield and Cambria Railroad, a branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, a few evenings ago. A passenger train, with Engineer C. W. FERRY, of Altoona, had orders to stop at Patton's Station, Penn., to allow a construction train to pass. The engineer forgot his orders and proceeded on his way. In a deep cut near Rekenrod's Mills he met the work train coming toward him.

The passenger train was running at a high rate of speed. The engineer of the work train, knowing that the other had orders to wait for him at Patton's was speeding to the point as fast as he could go. Both engines came together with a tremendous crash, reared up and fell over to one side. Engineer FERRY and his fireman, L. PARRISH, of Gallitzin, were instantly killed and their bodies buried in the wreck. The gravel cars were loaded with laborers. Five of them were instantly killed. They were Swedes. The injured, it was estimated, numbered fifteen. The blame is place on Engineer FERRY, who, the company officials say, had clearly violated his instructions.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1892-09-16


Pattons Station, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1892


The Wreck on the Cambria & Clearfield --
Engineer and Fireman Missing

Altoona, PA, Sep. 10. -- Engineer Yoder and Fireman Dunn of the work train, charged with violating orders and causing the wreck on the Cambria & Clearfield Railroad, disappeared after the accident and have not been seen since. The conductor also disappeared, but has returned. He says they ran away. Dilligent search is being made for the missing men.

Later investigation show that nine men were killed. They were Engineer Ferry, Altoona, Fireman Parrish, Guilltizin [sic], Samuel Rolland, New Holland, and five Italian laborers.

The Daily Times, Wilkes-Barre, PA 10 Sept 1892


Later investigation shows that nine men were killed. They are: Engineer Ferry of Altoona, Fireman Parrish of Gallitzin, Samuel Roland, timekeeper for the railroad contractors of New Holland, PA; Alexander Oadvelle, clerk for contractors of New Holland and five Italian laborers, known only by numbers.

Morning World-Herald, Omaha, NE 10 Sept 1892