Gap Station, PA Train Accident, Sept 1860


A most frightful accident occurred on the railroad near the Gap Station on Thursday last, the particulars of which are as follows: Just after the 10.54 mail train west had passed the station, two small boys, brothers, named BALDWIN, whose parents reside at Bethania, were observed walking on the track of the road, looking after a train passing east, and paying no attention to the approaching train. When discovered by the engineer, the engine was quickly reversed, and the brakes lowered, but too late for preventing the engine from striking the boys, which it did, killing one almost instantly, and injuring the other so badly that but little hope is entertained of his recovery. The boys were aged nine and six years respectively, and were on their way home from a store. Immediately after the accident the boys were conveyed to their home, where the scene is represented to have been heart-rending, the parents of the boys being almost distracted. The sympathy of the whole community was aroused in favor of the bereaved household, and the funeral of one of the victims, on Sunday, was attended by a large concourse of people. -- Examiner 19th inst.

The Columbia Spy Pennsylvania 1860-09-22