New Cumberland, PA Train - Cow Wreck, Sept 1855

Fatal Railroad Accident.

A melancholy and heart-rending accident occurred on the Northern Central Railroad, on Monday afternoon last. The two o'clock train from Harrisburg to Baltimore, when about a mile and a half south of New Cumberland, ran over a cow, which threw the engine and tender, baggage and mail cars off the track and down an embankment about fifteen feet. MR. WM. ABEL, the fireman, was instantly killed, and the engineer, MR. JOHN STRUBY, so badly injured that but meagre[sic] hopes are entertained of his recovery. He was scalded and burned in a shocking manner, and is suffering intensely. No other persons were seriously hurt, although the Conductor of the train, MR. RADCLIFFE; the Mail Agent, MR. MILLER; and the Agent of Adams & Co.'s Express, MR. FALLS, who were in the mail car, received slight injuries.

MR. ABEL was a resident of this place, and his remains were brought home in the train which reached here about 3 o'clock yesterday morning. He was an upright and honorable man, and was beloved by all who knew him. His age was about 28 years. He leaves a young wife and one child to mourn his untimely death. -- York Republican.

MR. STRUBY has since died.

The Republican Compiler 1855-09-17