Harrisburg, PA Train Accident, May 1857


Two men were killed on the above road on Thursday morning by the Express Mail Train going west.

They were walking towards Harrisburg, on the west track, and stepped to the other to avoid an approaching freight train from the west, not noticing the mail train which was close upon them. The engineer blew his whistle, but the engine struck them before they had time to save themselves, killing them instantly. The name of FITZGERALD was found upon on of them, and a considerable amount of counterfeit money in their possession, together with some burglars tools.

A boot and shoe store in Middletown, was broken and plundered the night before the accident, and from the fact of the chisels found upon the deceased corresponding with the marks on the rifled premises, it is presumed that the bodies are those of the burglars.

The Columbia Spy Pennsylvania 1857-05-30