Warren County, PA Flood, Apr 1916

Railways Still Tied Up

Kane, Pa., March 31. - The Flood conditions at Warren remained unchanged today, the Allegheny River rising four inches last night, receding about four inches today. Through service on the Warren and Jamestown Street Railway and on the New York Central is still tied up. The employes of the Superior Laundry, which is operating with difficulty, had to be transported to work in boats from Piso Corner this morning.

Above North Warren, the cottages on eastern side of the creek are in great danger of being washed away. The Warren Refining tanks near the State highway are surrounded by water. The flood is proving to be very costly to the manufacturing concerns in the west end of the city, which were all closed again today. It is believed tonight that the flood has reached its apex. The melting snow can only maintain the present height for a day or two.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 1 Apr 1916


Warren County Flood Thought To Be Over

Special to The Inquirer.

KANE, Pa., April 2 - The present flood in Warren county, which will be recorded as the third worst in the history of the county, was thought tonight to be over. Late last night the rain ceased, following which the water rapidly receded and within ten hours the water had dropped a foot.

As yesterday's rain removed all of the snow from the hillsides another flood is not looked for. It is believed that by tomorrow the waters will have dropped to such an extent that manufacturing concerns and railroads, out of commission for the past week, will be able to resume operation with the exception of the New York Central, which must lay a mile of track washed away by the flood.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 3 Apr 1916