York, PA Tornado, Apr 1856

Further Particulars. -- The storm of Saturday night was quite serious at York, Pa. The Gazette says:

It lifted the sheet iron roof from the large warehouse of P. A. & S. Small, in the rear of their store, carrying one end across the alley into an adjoining lot, whilst the other end hung to the building. The roof was also blown from the engine house of Messrs. Small & Smyser's foundery, whilst trees were uprooted and fences carried away in different parts of the borough and its vicinity. The gale was accompanied by vivid flashes of lightning, very little thunder, an still less of what everybody wanted -- rain.

We have also just learned that four spans of the York furnace bridge were carried away and considerable damage done to the Columbia bridge.

The Adams Sentinel, Gettysburg, PA 21 Apr 1856