Roscoe, PA Globe Mine Accident, Jan 1916

Two Killed And Two Hurt In Heavy Fall Of Slate And Stone

Assistant Mine Foreman MILLER And RAY DAVIS Meet Death At Globe Mine

KEEGAN and HANNEN injured

Roscoe and Coal Center Men Caught Under Eight Tons of Slate and Stone--MILLER Married But Brief Time--All Men Well Known

Two men were killed and two others seriously injured in a fall of about eight tons of slate and stone at the Globe mine of the Vesta Coal company near Roscoe at about 11:30 o'clock this morning.

The Dead
JAMES P. MILLER, aged 29, married. Assistant Mine Foreman.
RAY DAVIS , aged 31, married, leaves wife and three children.

The Injured
GEORGE KEEGAN, of Roscoe, injured seriously about the body. Taken home.
GEORGE HANNEN, OF Coal Center, injured seriously about the body.

The fall occurred in an entry way of the mine where MILLER and others were working. MILLER himself was caught under the full force of the fall of slate and stone and his body crushed to a pulp. DAVIS' body was not so much mangled. Both were instantly killed.

KEEGAN and HANNEN were near enough to get caught under the edge of the fall, but did not suffer the worst consequences. Fellow workmen, hearing the noise, rushed to the scene and pulled the two injured men away.

Both MILLER and DAVIS were well known. MILLER was a brother-in-law of JOHN CAIRNS, assistant mine superintendent. He had been married but nine months. He was a promising young man in mining circles and popular. DAVIS was employed as a day worker.

The probable result of the injuries received by KEEGAN and HANNEN could not be determined at once by the doctors called into attendance. Of the two probably KEEGAN was the worst hurt. It is not thought either will die

The Charleroi Mail, Charleroi, PA 26 Jan 1916


Globe Fatalities Proven To Have Been Accidental

JAMES P. MILLER and RAY DAVIS Inquest Held by Coroner -- Heavy Fall of Roofing Described

Purely accidental were the deaths of JAMES P. MILLER, mine foreman, and RAY DAVIS a miner in the Globe mine of the Vesta Coal company near Roscoe last Wednesday. This was the verdict of the coroner's jury sitting in the inquest conducted by JAMES T. HEFFRAN at the undertaking rooms of LAWRENCE P. FRYE Monday evening.

Six witnesses were heard, their testimony relating to the sort of work the two men were doing and to the manner in which the heavy fall of roofing occurred which caused their death. The two men, with others were timbering the mine when the roof fell. The jury which heard the inquest was composed of JOHN C. Mc KEAN, foreman, ALLEN S. MANSFIELD, R.C. ROBERTSON, F.O. BALDERSON, SAMUEL PARDOE and LOGAN WINGETT.

It is now feared that GEORGE KEEGAN of the two injured when MILLER and DAVIS were killed, will not live, having a broken pelvic bone. CHARLES HANNEN will probably be brought home from the hospital tomorrow.

The Charleroi Mail, Charleroi, PA 1 Feb 1916