Washington, PA Tornado, Mar 1830


Washington, Pa. March 27.
On Monday evening last, near sundown, a most awful hurricane passed over this county, which in its consequences were more disastrous and melancholy than any with which we have been visited in the recollection of the oldest inhabitants.
In its course it appears, so far as we have heard, to have been confined altogether to a narrow strip of country not more than half a mile in diameter, in Peters township. The course of the Tornado was from north-west to south-east, and among other particulars of a less destructive and afflicting charachter, we have gathered the following.
The house in which JAMES ARMSTRONG resided was blown down upon the family and killed MR. ARMSTRONG and his son, a lad, of what age we have not heard, and wounded every other member of the family, one or two of them dangerously.
The dwelling house and double barn of JOSEPH TOWNSEND, blown down.
Widow BLACKMORE'S house & barn do.
JOHN LOGAN'S house, do. -- himself wounded.
THOMAS BLACKMORE'S house and barn blown down.
Widow GASS' house do.
WILLIAM M'MILLAN, ESQ'S, dwelling partly unroofed, and several small buildings blown down.
A new frame house entirely destroyed. This property was owned by a MR. BOGGS, living on Sawmill Run.
The Mill, Blacksmith Shop and Stable of EPHRAIM ESTEP, ESQ. were principally destroyed, and a horse in the stable, owned by the REV. MR. SHADRECK, killed.
Two barns belonging to the MESSRS. ALLISON'S, injured, we have not heard to what extent.
The damage done to orchards, fences and other property not enumerated above, is very extensive and destructive.
We have not heard that this storm raged with any considerable violence elsewhere than in Peters township.

The Republican Compiler Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1830-04-06