Mount Union, PA Downtown Fire, May 1924

View of Mt. Union circa 1910



Mount Union experienced a big fire which started about 20 minuteds after 12:00 today, when flames were discovered in a room occupied by a MR. SPERROW, on the second floor of the Crum Building, North Jefferson street. The flames spread very rapidly and notwithstanding the quick action of the fire company, little headway was gained by reason of the inflammable construction of the building and the contents of store rooms. The southern part of the building is occupied by the Service Department Store, RAYMOND E. WHETSTONE, proprietor. Joining him on the north is MR. HADLEY is the clothing store of JOSEPH J. HURWITZ.
MR. WHETSTONE occupies the first floor and a great part of the second floor where he had a quantity of general merchandise, carpets, rugs and linoleum, and a quantity of high price furniture, a line which he added this Spring.
MR. HADLEY and MR. HURWITZ with the aid of people of town succeeded in getting their merchandise out of the rooms to the other side of the street and north of the burning building. MR. WHETSTONE will suffer considerable damages. His place was entirely destroyed, and goods not burned were ruined by smoke and water. Only the sides of the building remained, the outside of which was covered by tin imitation of concrete blocks.
MR. HADLEY suffered some damage by smoke and water, and MR. HURWITZ'S loss was in the removal of the goods.
One report is to the effect that the fire originated in the WAKEFIELD apartment. Part of the building is occupied by tenants who escaped with their lives. MRS. THOS. MERVINE, who had just returned from the J. L. Blair Memorial Hospital was carried to the street.
JOHN ROSEHART, a member of the Mt. Union fire department suffered a bad cut on his left hand by glass.
The fire company had the fire under control in less than thirty minutes.
A call was sent to Huntingdon for help and in a short time fire company No. 1 left to assist.
As we go to press early in the afternoon, the individual losses were not estimated, but as a whole the loss was placed at over $75,000.00, partly covered by insurance.

The Daily News Huntingdon Pennsylvania 1924-05-06