Philadelphia, PA Publishing Company Fire, May 1872

Ruins of the Jayne's Building



Philadelphia, May 19, 1872.
About half-past six o'clock this evening a fire was discovered in JAYNE'S Building, on Dock, near Third street, occupied by the LIESINGRING Printing Company, WILLIAM W. HARDING, Bible publisher; National Railway Publishing Company, McCALLA & STAVELY, publishers Episcopal Register, and STEPHEN WINSLOW & Son, publishers of the Commercial List. The building was almost totally destroyed, although the fire department were promptly on hand with nine steam fire engines.
There was much combustible material in the building, and it was almost impossible to stay the progress of the flames and save adjoining buildings. The paid fire department manifested evidences of superior discipline in their management of the fire by keeping it confined to one building in the face of so many obstacles and after it had got fiercely under way.
The total losses are about four hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars, as follows:
W. W. HARDING, Bible publisher and manufacturer of albums, $70,000; fully insured. MR. HARDING wiill be enabled to continue as usual in the course of ten days, as his more extensive stores at Seventh and Chestnut streets were far removed from the fire, and the stereotype plates and printing machinery, valued at $40,000, were saved intact.
LIESINGRING Printing Company's loss is $120,000; insured for $90,000.
National Railway Publishing Company, $15,000; insurance $10,000.
McCALLA & STAVELY, publishers of Episcopal Register, Jayne's Almanac, and other publications, $70,000; insurance $40,000.
STEPHEN WINSLOW & Son, publishers Commercial List, $10,000; fully insured.
The estate of DAVID JAYNE loses $200,000 by damage to the building; insurance $75,000.
The building was constructed in 1853 and used for a post office about three years and was considered one of the finest business houses down town. The cause of the fire in unknown, but it is supposed to have resulted from spontaneous combustion.

The New York Herald New York 1872-05-20