Bellefonte, PA Store Fire, Oct 1869

A disastrous fire broke out in a wooden building in the rear of Loeb, May & Loeb's store, on Monday evening last, between six and seven o'clock which communicated to the store room and eventually to the dwelling of Mr. Turner, adjoining. The store and the residence were both under one roof and owned by Mr. Turner, and the upper stories of both were ruined. The fire gained the roof, and the entire upper part of the building was burned. Had the walls not been of brick, the whole building would undoubtedly have been destroyed. But the efforts of the hose company aided very materially in saving the lower story. The walls, ceiling and floors, however were seriously damaged by the floods of water poured upon the building, and much other damage was done in carrying out the goods and furniture. We do not know what the loss of the mercantile [illegible] is but believe it is mostly covered by insurance. Mr. Turner, we understand, had some insurance also, but his loss will nevertheless be serious, as much of his furniture was injured by the efforts to get it out of the house. During the progress of the fire, Allegany Street was one dense mass of people, the ladies turning out in great numbers. At one time the Conrad House was on fire, and fears were expressed for its safety, as also for the safety of the hotel stables immediately in its rear. But that region was saved by the effective working of the hose and the calmness of the evening.

Democratic Watchman, Bellefonte, PA 22 Oct 1869