Bedford, PA Fire, Jun 1856

Fire in Bedford.

There has been another terrible conflagration in Bedford. On Sabbath evening week, about 9 o'clock, the brick building belonging to Dr. G. W. Anderson, on East Pitt Street, directly opposite the Gazette office, caught fire and was quickly consumed. The fire spread to the adjoining offices, on the east, one of them occupied by Dr. C. N. Hickok, the other lately in the occupancy of John A. Blodget, Esq., which were also consumed. From the offices the fire extended to the adjoining dwelling, a large two and a half story brick house, lately occupied by Alex. King, Esq., which was also burned to the ground. Here the progress of the fire was stayed, although the wind blew very strongly at the time, through the exertions of the Fire Company and the citizens. All the houses destroyed belonged, we believe, to Dr. Anderson, on whom the loss will fall very heavily, as none of the buildings were insured. Mr. Brashear lived in the house in which the fire originated. It is said that the fire was the result of carelessness on the part of a negro servant girl. Dr. Hickok was absent from the home at the time, and it is presumed that most, if not all his furniture, materials, &c., were destroyed. - Fulton Democrat.

The Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA 2 Jun 1856