Austin, PA Store & House Fires, May 1902

Two Fires in Austin.

F. J. Weisert’s big double store in Austin was burned late on the evening of the 10th instant, entailing a loss estimated at $6,000 on store and contents, well insured. The store building, which was wooden, was a two story structure, the second floor being occupied by the families of William and Irvin Hernquist, brothers, who lost all their effects. The former’s home in Austin was burned only a few months ago, when his eight year-old son was burned fatally.

On the 12th instant Mr. John Anderson’s dwelling in Austin and his adjacent tenant house were burned. All the contents of Mr. Anderson’s home was burned, and the other house was unoccupied. Loss, $2,500, half insured.

The Wellsboro Agitator, Wellsboro, PA 21 May 1902