Mud Run, PA Fire, May 1875

The Great Fire of 1875*—On the 14th day of May, in 1875, a fire broke out near Mud Run, and burned slowly until the 22d, when a strong wind commenced to blow from the west, and in less than two hours the fire swept from Francis Youndt's mill directly up Mud Run, a distance of ten miles, destroying mills, houses, logs, timber, and standing trees. The estimated losses were: John Eckert, mills, house, lumber, and logs, $7000; Josiah Kunkle, mill and house, $4000; Getz & Serfass, mills, $10,000; David Snyder, $12,000; Francis Wernert, $12,000. Long & Boileau’s mills were saved; loss as on 500,000 feet of logs, $4000. J. S. Hawk’s mills were saved,——20,000 feet of sawed lumber and 150,000 feet of logs were burned; loss. $2500. Much other valuable property was destroyed.

*Many fires have swept over part of the township and caused great destruction, but none as greet as the one here mentioned.

History of the counties of Lehigh and Carbon, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: Everts & Richards, 1884, pages 730-731


Mauch Chunk, PA., May 22.-- Very severe mountain fires have been raging in Carbon county for the past few days. Immense amounts of lumber, sawed logs and dwelling houses have been burned in Hickory Run and Mud Run regions. Only a rain fall can extinguish them. The inhabitants of Mud Run have suffered terribly from the flames, numerous families escaping with their lives, all household goods and residences being lost. Mr. Able Kinsey, of Hickory Run, lost his saw-mills, house, barn and five tenements, with all their contents. Five saw-mills and eighteen houses have been destroyed on Mud Run. Stephen Gould lost about three million feet of lumber. Lumbermen, with their wives and children, turned out to fight the flames.

Steubenville Daily Herald and News, Steubenville, OH 24 May 1875