Philadelphia, PA Rufano House Fire, Jul 1911

Mother Severely Burned Trying to Save Sons' Money

Rushing to her bedroom on the third floor of her home at 1522 South Carlisle street, to obtain a purse containing $100, Mrs. Rosa RUFANO was overcome by smoke from a blazing mattress and bedstead and was rescued by Policeman FOLEY, of the Fifteenth street and Snyder avenue station.

The fire, caused by the woman seeking a lost coin beneath the bed with a lighted candle, occured early in the morning. When the mattress blazed, Mrs. RUFANO ran to the street to give an alarm. Then she remembered that she had left the purse lying upon a dresser. She believed that the firemen would not arrive soon enough to check the flames in the room, so she rushed into the house. The house will not be more than $75.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 17 Jul 1911