Brosseau, QC Train Wreck, Dec 1956


Montreal, (UP) -- Seven cars of a nine-car train carrying air force personnel to new bases in Ontario jumped the tracks near here in a snowstorm Thursday night, killing two persons and injuring 15.
A witness said "it was a miracle no others were killed" when the train "literally leaped off the rails" and tore up some 400 feet of track at Brosseau Station, 10 miles south of here.
Canadian National Railways officials identified the dead as train engineer SAM RUTTENBERG of Cote St. Luc and fireman PAUL LaFONTAINE of Verdun, both in the Montreal area.
Porter T. R. MARSHALL said he believed the all-Pullman train went through an open switch.

Yuma Daily Sun Arizona 1956-12-28


Hello ARoberta

My mom (Dorothy "Dot" Talbot from Trois Rivieres Quebec) was on this train when it crashed. She told me the year of the crash and so here I am googling it.
I would be interested in any info anyone has.

Hello - Not sure if you

Hello - Not sure if you received this message, here I go. I have some very interesting news on this tragic accident. E-mail and I will fill you in. Hope you and the family are all well.
Fondest regards,

Train accident

Michael - Please get in touch with me, I have just found your March 2013 post.
Have some news to tell you.
Look forward to your e-mail.

Sam Ruttenberg

Dear Michael - How are you and your parents? Give your dad a big hug from me on NOV.25 on his b-day 65th. Get in touch with me I have a lot of news to tell you regarding my late dad's tragic accident. I am in touch with and met a serviceman who was a injured passenger on that train.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Phone no. 416-485-0616
If you leave a message I will get back to you.
Fondest Regards,

Hi aunt Roberta I have been

Hi aunt Roberta I have been looking for this article for years and finally foundit all the best to you

Michael Ruttenberg

1956 Train Accident Quebec

I am the daughter of the late engineer killed in this accident.
Anyway of getting in touch with Stu Beitler regarding the article on the train accident.
Roberta Tetefsky
I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada now.

Sam Ruttenberg death1956

My name is Roberta second daughter of the late Sam Ruttenberg. I was 17 years old when my dad died in this horrible accident.