Quonset, RI Navy Plane Crashes, June 1950


Quonset, R. I. (AP) -- Nine men were killed and two injured in the crash of a Navy plane yesterday at the Quonset Naval Air Base.
Nine men were burned to death when a patrol plane crashed and burned on a runway, the Navy said.
Commander Glasgow of the Public Information Office reported the pilot and co-pilot escaped with only minor injuries. The remainder of the crew was trapped in the wreckage.
The Navy identified the pilot as Commander G. E. FRAUENHEIM, commanding officer of Squadron VP3, Jacksonville. The co-pilot was identified as Lt. H. A. HAMBERG. Quonset sources said HAMBERG is HAL HAMBERG former Navy football star.
The Navy Public Information Office in Boston reported that the big Neptune bomber, bound for Argentina, took off with nine passengers, a pilot and a co-pilot and that, 23 minutes after the takeoff, it returned withon engine afire and dead.
The pilot said the plane developed engine trouble and that one engine burst into flames when nearing Quonset.
The plane was reported en route from Jacksonville, Fla., to Newfoundland.
The pilot attempted an emergency landing in what was described as limited visibility.
The Navy reported the plane was caught in a cross wind in landing and was tipped over on its back.
The pilot and co-pilot were pulled out alive.
The Navy identified the dead as:
Ensign C. R. PLANK, next of kin, wife, Mrs. Clarence Plank, Jacksonville.
Ensign D. H. ARTER, wife, Mrs. D. H. Arter, Jacksonville.
Midshipman C. A. PAYNE, father, Clarence Payne, Denver, Colo.
Chief Aviation Machinist's Mate J. A. SEGER, wife, Mrs. J. A. Seger, Jacksonville.
Aviation Ordnanceman First Class P. RAPANICK, wife, Mrs. P. Rapanick, Jacksonville.
Chief Aviation Electrican's Mate H. E. FOUNTAIN, mother, Mrs. H. D. Fountain, Birmingham, Ala.
Chief Aviation Electrician's Mate H. D. THOMAS, wife, Mrs. H. D. Thomas, Jacksonville.
Chief Aviation Machinist's Mate F. McSWIGIGAN, mother, Mrs. F. J. McSwigigan, Camden, N.J.
Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic C. A. THORSON, mother, Mrs. L. Thorson, Spooner, Wis.
Ages and other information were not available here, the Navy said, because the men's records burned with the plane.

The Troy Record New York 1950-06-02