Providence, RI Canal Street Fire, Jul 1892



PROVIDENCE, R. I., July 19.----The extra Fire Department of the city was called to a fire in the Hennessy and the Cooney Buildings in Canal Street shortly after 2 o'clock this afternoon. The fire originated in an upper story of the five-story Cooney building, and before a line of hose could be laid flames were bursting out of the upper windows on all sides of the building.

The Gladstone Athletic Club was among the burned-out occupants of the Hennessy Building. The total loss by the fire will foot up $125,000.

Cooney's building was valued at $40,000, and contained wool belonging to Messrs. Peck & Co. worth $30,000, and J. J. Corcoran's stock worth probably $2,500. The building and contents were an almost total loss. The insurance in the building was $10,000, equally divided between he Home Company of New-York and the Merchants' of this city, through Herrick's agency. Asa Peck & Co. occupy four blocks on Canal Street for the storage of wool, woolen waste, &c.

In the stock in Cooney's building were 170 bags of fine stock, which sold for 33 cents per pound in readiness for shipment. The cost of this stock is in the neighborhood of $7,000. There is an insurance of $15,000 on the entire stock through the agency of Starkweather & Sheploy. The estimated value of this stock is placed at $30,000 to $35,000. The companies reported in the insurance are as follows: Commercial Union, London, $2,000: American, Boston, $2,000; Firemen's, Boston, $1,000: Scottish Union, $2,500: Hamburg, Breman, $2,000; London, Liverpool and Globe, London, $3,000; total, $15,000.

The Hennessy Building was valued at $150,000, and was insured through the agency of Arthur O'Leary in the following companies; Hartford, $10,000; Etna, $10,000; Orient, $5,000; American of Philadelphia, $5,000; Michigan, $7,500; Northwestern of England, $5,000; Lion of England, $5,000; total, $47,500.

The occupants of this building all lost heavily by water. The Gladstone Club went to an expense of $1,100 when their quarters were fitted up, and the other organizations lost from $1,000 to smaller sums. Few of them were insured. The loss of J. H. Preston & Co. amounted to about $30,000, which is insured. The loss on this building was about $20,000 and on its contents about $35,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 20 Jul 1892