Middletown, RI Auto Wreck, Apr 1919


A Bad Accident

As Mr. Russell Morgan Peckham, accompanied by Mr. Lewis Plummer, Miss Ethel Plummer and the Misses Helen and Katherine Bronson, was driving his Dodge touring car from Wyatt Road on to East Main Road his machine was struck from the rear by a Hudson speedster driven by Mr. Habib of Newport. Both cars were proceeding toward Newport Mr. Peckham asserts that he was going about ten miles an hour and that he looked up the road before turning on to it. Mr. Habib says he sounded his horn four times before he came to Wyatt Road. He also says he was traveling about 18 or 20 miles an hour. Mr. Peckham's car was overturned and the five people pinned underneath. Mr. Habib's car skidded and lodged in the gutter. There were five people in Mr. Habib's car but none were seriously injured. Deputy Sheriff King soon arrived and many others, and the people under Mr. Peckham's car were taken out. The young ladies were taken into Mr. Scott Barker's home and later were taken to the Newport Hospital. Miss Plummer sustained a broken collar bone, and broken rib, and lacerations on her face. Miss Helen Bronson was badly cut over her right eye, the gash extending to the back of the skull. Mr. Lewis Plummer sustained a cut upon the leg. Mr. Peckham's wrist was badly hurt. Mr. Peckham's car was badly injured, but was taken to the garage under its own power. Mr. Habib's car received a broken axle, the front fender and headlights were broken.

Newport Mercury, Newport, RI 26 Apr 1919