Newport, RI Store Fire, Apr 1919


There was a brisk fire in the store of Louis Dashoff on West Broadway on Monday morning, which did much damage to the stock in the store and caused the occupants of the tenements on the upper floor to flee to the street as best they could. The damage to the building was considerable and the firemen had a fight of more than a half hour before the recall sounded.

The fire was discovered by Patrolman Eagan, who aroused the occupants of the tenements and assisted them to the street while another officer pulled in an alarm from box 21. When the apparatus arrived the fire had made big headway through the store, but had no progressed much above the first floor. Much water had to be used and there was considerable tearing away of partitions to get at the last traces of the fire.

The building was formerly owned by Captain "Jimmie" Egan, but was purchased some time ago by Fischel David. The two tenements were occupied by the family of Louis Dashoff and by Mrs. George H. Perry.

Newport Mercury, Newport, RI 5 Apr 1919