Newport, RI Wharf Fire, Apr 1919


There was a lively fire on Long wharf Monday afternoon, and although the actual property loss will not run into very large figures, the possibilities of the fire were very great. The flames started apparently in a pile of lobster pots, well tarred, in the rear of the storehouse of the Standard Wholesale Grocery. Among the tar and dry wood the fire spread rapidly so that several sheds and the rear of a number of buildings were on fire at the same time. When the fire department reached the scene a mass of black smoke covered the vicinity and it seemed as if a big fire was in progress. The fire was in the midst of a mass of wooden buildings, and had it had an opportunity to gain a little more headway, or had a strong wind prevailed the result would have been much more disastrous. As it was, the firemen had to use much water, and struggle hard for a considerable time before the last vestige of fire was extinguished.

A few sheds were practically destroyed, and a number of the larger wooden buildings will need new roofs, while there was some water damage in the storehouse. No important buildings were destroyed, but the owner of the lobster pots will lose the work of several months.

Newport Mercury, Newport, RI 3 May 1919