Providence, RI Fire, May 1825

PROVIDENCE, May 25. FIRE.---On Monday night last, between the hours of 11 and 12, a most destructive and alarming fire commenced in North Union-st, and progressing down Westminister-street with an almost unprecedent rapidity, in a few moments destrowed{sic} several large and valuable dwelling-house, besides that beautiful structure, the Universalist Chapel, several out-buildings and workshops. Among the principal sufferers are the following persons whose losses will probably vary little from the annexed estimate made by gentlemen acquainted with the value of the several estates;----Sir. George Franklin, a dwelling house, $700 dollars insured; Mrs. James Rhodes $3500, total loss; Captain Samuel Young $5000, one half insured; Universalist Chapel, $19,000, $3000 insured; Oliver Carpenter $2500, $1200 insured; Rhodes G. Allen, Esq. $4000, total loss; General Carrington $2000, total loss; Mrs. Peter Taylor $3000, partly insured; Mr. Joseph Robinson, workshop and tools, $400, total loss; Mrs. Gustavus Taylor, house considerably injured; Mrs. Bacon, house badly scorched; Henry P. Franklin, Esq. house nearly destroyed, loss estimated at $[ineligible]300, Messrs. Beckwith & Pearson, B. & [ineligible]. Dyer & Co. and Henry Starke, Esq. had a large quantity of cotton [rising 100 bales] and whiskey in the cellar of the Universalist Chapel; the whole valued at 12,[ineligible]00 dolls. destroyed; which, however, was principally covered by insurance---actual loss to owners perhaps 1000 dolls.; Mr. Samuel W. Wheeler, in goods destroyed, 560 dolls. total loss; James U. Arnold, Esq., house damaged considerably, insured; Cornelius G. Feuner, in furniture, 400 dolls., total loss. Besides these, other individuals have sustained losses in furniture and other property, upon which no correct estimate can be made.

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