Newport, RI Hotel Fire, Aug 1845


The Ocean House, a new and very large Hotel, at Newport, R. I., was burned down on Sunday, the fire taking place in the cook house. The building was wood, no water was at hand, and the fire spread with immense rapidity. The building was entirely destroyed. It was valued at $36,000, on which there was insurance to the amount of $18,000. The furniture was worth $25,000, and about two thirds of it was saved.
The most melancholy part of the event is the loss of life. SAMUEL FOWLER GARDNER, Esq., of Newport, perished in the flames; and MR. ROBERT COXALL was so badly injured that he can hardly recover.
There were for or five hundred boarders in the house, and one of them, THOMAS R. IZZARD, perished. It is feared that others were also lost.
The steamer Massachusetts came down on Sunday, from Providence, and afforded shelter to the unfortunates who were unable to find lodging, the town being literally crammed.

The Republican Compiler Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1845-08-11