Providence, RI Fire, Mar 1898


Providence, March 8.--A fire, which caused damage to the amount of $150,000, broke out in a five-story building occupied by the Brownell & Field company as a whole sale grocery, last evening. Three alarms were sent in, summoning nearly all of the apparatus to the scene. The fire also got into the adjoining building occupied by Arnold, Peck & Company, wholesale druggists, and badly gutted the fourth and fifth floors.

It was impossible to get at the heart of the fire on account of the fireproof walls and iron shutters, and the streams of water which poured down from adjoining buildings and from heights of ladders had little or not effect in stopping its progress. It was not until the roof had fallen in that the apparatus could work with any degree of efficiency.

The stock carried by the Brownell & Field company is valued at $100,000 and was insured for $70,000. The stock of Arnold, Peck and Co. was damaged to the extent of $20,000. This stock is also fully insured. The damage to the building will approximate $20,000 and to the other building $10,000.

The Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 8 Mar 1898