Newport, RI Prison Bakery Explosion, Dec 1943


Gustave Winterle, 44, Hurt When Accumulated Gas Explodes in Bake Shop

Gustave Winterle, 44, formerly of Boston, but who now gives his address as Newport, is confined to the state prison infirmary suffering from burns received December 3, in a gas explosion in the prison kitchen, John R. Connor, the warden, has announced.

A baker by trade, Winterle was serving a 60-day sentence imposed in federal court for failure to notify his draft board of a change in address when he moved from Boston to Newport. He was to have been discharged Saturday.

As Winterle was about to bake some pastry, in one of the gas ovens, he did not notice that the pilot light was out, and turned on the gas. He saw a little later that the burners were not going, so he took a piece of lighted paper and put it over them, the accumulated gas exploding in his face. He suffered second and third degrees about the face and head, but his condition is not critical.

Newport Mercury And Weekly News, Newport, RI 17 Dec 1943