Manville, RI Blackstone River Drowning, Jun 1900


Man Drowned at Manville Found in Five Minutes on a Bet by David Quillette.

The body of Louis Ploude, who was drowned in the Blackstone river at Manville on Monday afternoon, because of the overturning of a boat in which he with others was crossing the river, was recovered last evening near the place where the boat was upset. The finding of the body was under circumstances which are worthy of note.

David Quillette, of Bangor, Me., a new arrival in Manville, heard of the drowning and that the body had not been recovered, and he remarked that he could find the body in five minutes. His statement was received with a great deal of caustic comment by those who heard it, and Quillette, not at all phased, said he was willing to prove that what he had said was true.

Some of those who were listening were willing to accompany him, and together all went to the river, where a boat was procured and Quillette was rowed to the place where, as near as could be determined, the boat was upset. Quillette threw a piece of bread into the water. It was caught by the current and was carried a short distance, where it remained stationary on the surface and then began to swirl slowly around. After watching the bread Quillette rowed to where the bread was floating and threw over a grappling iron. When he pulled the iron into the boat it brought up the body of the drowned man.

Medical Examiner French was summoned and he viewed the body and rendered a verdict of accidental death. The body was turned over to Undertaker Napoleon Lulline of Manville, and I will be kept until Friday to await the arrival of friends of the dead man, and if not claimed then will be buried in Potters Field at the Line in town farm. Ploude belonged in Brunswick, Me., and is believed that he had friends there who will care for the body.

Pawtucket Times, Pawtucket, RI 21 Jun 1900