Pawtucket, RI Lumber Accident, Jun 1904

Lester Barber, the 12 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Barber of Montgomery street, stepped on a loose board, while at work in the business and tenement block which is being built on Mineral Spring avenue, near the corner of Lonsdale avenue, yesterday afternoon, and it sprung up, allowing Lester to fall into the floor below, the distance being about 13 feet. He struck on his back and sustained bad bruises to the back. The lad was taken into a nearby house and his injuries treated, and later in the afternoon he was conveyed to the home of his parents in a hack. Lester was lathing in company with his uncle, Charles Barber. This noon his condition was reported as comfortable as could be expected. This building is to be finished off into stores on the ground floor with two tenements upstairs. It is being erected by Patrick O'Connor, as is also another one similar to it, and located beside it.

Pawtucket Times, Pawtucket, RI 24 Jun 1904