Pawtucket, RI Accidents, Jun 1905


Several Accidents That Came Very Near Resulting in Grave Injuries.

A chapter of accidents, one of which came near resulting in revolting consequences, occurred between 8 and 11 o'clock in widely separated mills in this city today. James Porter, 768 Pine street, came near being scalded to death by falling into a box of boiling starch at the Dempsey bleacheries. The quick action of a fellow employee prevented him from sustaining injuries more severe than a thorough injuries of one of his feet. His foot was immersed from the toes to the ankle, the skin being burned off.

Henry Loon, 481 Pine street, while employed at the Saylesville bleacheries, had the first second and third fingers of his right hand badly lacerated in a machine.

Alexander Dubois, 19 Cowden street, had the tip of the first finger of his right hand nipped off by gears at F[illegible]les' & Jenke machine shop.

Wilfrid Desmarsis, 97 Perry street, employed at the works of the United States Cotton Company, sustained severe bruises of his right foot by heavy piping falling upon it.

All of the men were attended by Dr. Clarence E. Gardner, 560 Main street.

Pawtucket Times, Pawtucket, RI 22 Jun 1905