Newport, RI Fishing Boat Fire, Dec 1943


Manuel J. Pinto, 30, Injured When Motor Backfires, Starts Blaze

Manuel J. Pinto, 30, of 3 Goodwin street, one of the crew of fishing boat, Pricilla, was burned about the left side of the face Wednesday, when the motor on the craft backfired and started a fire. Apparatus from Station 2, and a pumper service truck, the emergency car and the chief's car from headquarters answered an alarm from box 41, Thames and Franklin, at 8:24.

The boat, owned by Baron Blunt of Warren and fishing for Tailman and Mack, was slightly for Tailman and Mack, was slightly damaged before, firemen could extinguish the flames in the cabin. Pinto was burned trying to put out the fire and was given first aid at the scene by the firemen before being taken to Newport Hospital in the emergency car. Dr. Philomen P. Ciarla gave additional treatment at the hospital and then allowed Pinto to go home.

Newport Mercury And Weekly News, Newport, RI 24 Dec