Pawtucket, RI Lightning Strike, Jun 1900


Lightning Bolt Dropped Into Main Street and Startled a Horse.

During the thunder shower yesterday afternoon there was an unusually loud clap of thunder following a bright flash of lightning. Many thought that some building had been struck, the lightning being so vivid and the thunder so loud. So far as is known there was no building struck in this city, but there was a very narrow escape. It occurred on Main street in front of the Odd Fellows building, L. W. Whitney & Co occupy a market in the building, and their horse attached to an order wagon was standing in front of the market when the storm was in progress. There were several persons who were standing in the vicinity under nearby awnings when they noticed the lightning come from the heavens and strike the ground near the horse. The animal gave one jump and was just about to runaway when Patrolman Dwyer caught him by the bridle. It took some time to pacify the horse. Those standing in the vicinity thought at first that the animal had beeen[sic] struck, but fortunately this was not so. The lightning bounded from the pavements and it is thought made its escape by way of the electric wires. The clap of thunder immediately following the lightning frightened many, but then the danger was passed.

Pawtucket Times, Pawtucket, RI 28 Jun 1900