Smithfield, RI Print Works Boiler Explosion, Oct 1853

Steam-Boiler Explosion--Two Lives Lost, Several Wounded.

Special Correspondence of the N. Y. Daily Times.

PROVIDENCE, Tuesday, Oct. 25.--The steam-boiler in SCHROEDER'S Print Works, in Smithfield, burst about 8 o'clock this morning, with a terrible explosion, instantly killing two operatives, and wounding the engineer and several other persons, probably fatally. The boiler and engine house were shivered to pieces and entirely destroyed. One half the boiler was sent crashing through the bleach-house and dry-house.


The damage to the Print Works and goods, at Smithfield, by the explosion, is $15,000.

The two lads killed were PATRICK MAGUIRE and MATHEW McCABE, who were on the boiler drying their clothes. About 100 persons were at work in and about the establishment, at the time, but escaped all injury, except the engineer.

The accident was occasioned by low water in the boiler. The damage is to be immediately repaired, and the rubbish is already being cleared away, preparatory to putting in a new boiler. The boiler, about thirty feet long, was sundered near the middle, and one-half of it thrown into a small building used for bleaching. The other half was driven through the same building, and about one hundred and fifty feet through a dry-house. The Works are owned by Mr. SCHROEDER.

The New York Times, New York, NY 26 Oct 1853