Narragansett, RI Airplane Attack, Aug 1921


Unknown Craft Seriously Wounds Girl and Damages Launch

Providence, R. I., August 9.---Army officers, urged on by civil authorities, sought today for an armed airplane which yesterday sprayed Narragansett Bay with machine gun bullets, wounding a girl seriously and nearly sinking a launch.

The plane, marked with what appeared to be the figures "92" and a blurred letter, dived toward the launch as it lay at anchor. Five persons lounged in the boat.

As the plane came on, the sharp rattle of a machine gun was heard above the roar of the engine. The water was splashed by the hail of lead. The boat was directly in line with the fire and before the passengers could move, it had been sprayed, bullets tearing through its sides, letting the water rush through.

Four of the passengers escaped unharmed, but one of them, Grace Buxtom, was shot through both legs. The boat nearly sank several times during the eight miles run, despite frantic bailing by the occupants.

Earl Blakestaff, owner of the launch, said he believed the plane was a government machine.

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA 9 Aug 1921


It was supposedly a faulty gun from a govt plane