Providence, RI Arnold Block Fire, Oct 1853

Fire at Providence, R. I.---Runners' Rows---A Man beaten to Death.

Special Dispatch to the New-York Daily Times.

PROVIDENCE, R. I., Monday, Oct. 10.

One of the most destructive fires that we have ever witnessed in Providence, broke out this morning about 6 o'clock, in ARNOLD'S block, on Main-street, a portion of which only was completed, and, together with a large and valuable stock of T. WHITAKER & SONS, Crockery-ware dealers, are totally destroyed. The block was owned by JAMES ARNOLD, of New-Bedford, Mass., on which there is no insurance. Loss about $5,000.

The wooden building south, owned and occupied by E. D. LEVICK, Confectioner, ENOCH STEERE, Shoe and paper-hanging Dealer, and J. A. CARDY, Merchant Tailor, was considerably injured by a portion of the building falling upon it; and the inmates had a narrow escape for their lives. The stock of Messrs. WHITAKER will be almost a total loss. He is insured for only $10,000--$5,000 at the Roger Williams Office, and $5,000 at the Atlantic---which will not near cover the loss. It is only a few weeks since these gentlemen were burnt out before, and a large stock destroyed.

Considerable disturbance took place among the firemen or runners with the Engines, and several disgraceful fights occurred.

During one of the "rushes", an Irishman named DOUGHTY, attached to No. 9 Engine, struck a member of Company No. 2, with a hose-wrench, inflicting an awful wound upon his head. DOUGHTY was immediately attacked by a large crowd, and savagely beaten to death in a few minutes. He leaves a wife and five children.

It is thought that the fire was the work of an incendiary.

The New York Times, New York, NY 11 Oct 1853