Providence, RI Building Collapse and Fire, Dec 1852

Fall of a Building in Providence---Fire.

PROVIDENCE, Friday, Dec. 3. The south half of the three-story brick block on South Water-street, owned by Seth Adams, Jr., and occupied by Spelman & Metcalf, fell with a tremendous crash, last night about 11 o'clock. The building was heavily loaded on all the floors with corn, flour, shorts and oil meal. The street was filled with the ruins. The one-story wooden building on the south, occupied by Henry S. Hutchins, was injured by the ruins, and a quantity of molasses stored in it was stove. The building in the rear, fronting on South Main-street, occupied by Tingley Brothers, marble-workers, was also injured. The value of the fallen building was about $5,000, and the property stored in it, $8,000. How much of it has been lost, it is impossible to state but it must be considerable.

It is fortunate that the accident happened in the night, or there would doubtless have been great loss of life. The remaining half of the block is in a dangerous condition, and liable to the same accident.

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 Dec 1852