Warwick, RI Trolley Wreck, Jun 1900


Four Persons Killed and Twenty-six Hurt at Warwick, R. I.

Providence, R. I. [Special]. -- Four persons were killed and twenty-six injured in a collision on the Oakland Beach Electric Railroad. There were two cars on the collision, which took place on a sharp curve. The car coming toward the city telescoped the other, crashing its way through to the fifth seat.

The dead are: EDWARD BURROUGHS, motorman; LOUIS C. SANBORN, ARTHUR G. LISCOMB and GEORGE W. BAKER, a baby. Among the injured was CHARLES D. KIMBALL, Lieutenant-Governor of the State.

It was because of an endeavor to run a switch and make up lost time by the car going to the southern end of the line that the accident happened, and it cost the motorman, EDWARD BURROUGHS, his life. He had been directed to wait on the switch at Warwick station, thirteen miles from Providence. For some reason he went on. About half a mile below Warwick station, on a curve in wooded land, the car going at moderate speed was struck by the city-bound car gong at full speed.

The shock of the collision was terrific. The cars, heavy as steam road coaches, were smashed, and the occupants were entangled in wreckage that in some cases pierced their bodies. Telephone communications summoned surgeons from Providence and East Greenwich and places between. The working of rescuing the injured and removing the dead was done promptly.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1900-06-15