Dodgeville, RI Railroad Accident, Sep 1851


From The Providence Journal.
The steamboat train of the Boston and Providence Railroad came in contact with an ox, near Dodgeville, last Saturday evening, at 6 1/2 o'clock. The front wheels of the locomotive were knocked off, and with the ox carried under the last passenger car, which was the only one that remained on the track. The others, with the locomotive, were thrown off. The locomotive was thrown on the side of a steep bank and left bottom upward. Harnden's crate and the baggage cars were broken to pieces. The passengers were not much injured.
MR. JOHNSON, the engineer, the fireman and the brakeman were all injured, but not seriously. None of them had bones broken. They all stuck by the locomotive, and two of them were thrown under it. A hand-car was sent to Providence for another locomotive. The injured locomotive having been thrown off the track there was less difficulty in starting the train again. The baggage and Harnden's freight were packed in a long car, and the train arrived at Providence soon after 10 o'clock, and started for Stonington at 11.
The track was somewhat broken up, but it was re-laid so that the freight train passed over about two hours after the regular time.
The ox entered upon the track from a cross road just before the train arrived. This cross road is hidden from view by a deep cut. The engineer gave warning with the whistle, but not in time for the brakes to act before the concussion.

The New York Times New York 1851-10-01