Woonsocket, RI Fire, Jan 1882



BOSTON, Mass., Jan. 25.----A special from Woonsocket, R. I., says: "A fire broke out at 2:30 A. M. in the basement of the Providence and Worcester Railroad Company's depot, occupied by Charles W. Talcott, steam and gas pipe fitter. The flames soon enveloped the whole building, destroying the ticket and Western Union Telegraph offices. with their contents, and Early & Prew's and Jenecks's express offices. The fire next communicated to Dr. D. M. Edwards's Block, in which were several stores and offices, nearly destroying it, with the contents. The loss on the depot building is $60,500; insured for $18,000. The loss on Edwards's Block is $12,000; insured for $5,000. Whitmarsh & Crow, dry goods, lose $28,000; insured. Henry A. Whitney, druggist, loses $5,000; insurance, $4,000. J. S. Wartz, cigars, loses $800; insured for $500. C. B. Knowles, photographer, loses $3,500; insurance, $1,200. Ann Perry, milliner, loses $2,500; insurance, $2,000. Dr. A. W. Buckland, dentist, loses $2,000; insurance, $1,000. Frank A. Campbell, tailor, loses $1,000; insured for $500. D. M. Cook, stationer and blank books, loses $1,000; insured for $5,000. Producers' National Bank, loses $200; insured. Mrs. William Fuller, dress-maker, loses $200; no insurance. Lyman A. Cook, office furniture, loses $200; uninsured. Charles W. Talcott, $4,000; insured. Adams Express Company loses $800; no insurance. Christian Kollett, barber, loses $250; no insurance. Occident Tea Company loses $4,500; insured, $2,850. The total loss amounts to nearly $100,000. John L. Muller, Charles W. Cook, William Millan, and D. Steve, firemen, fell from a ladder and were all slightly injured. Lewis Reed, engineer, was chilled through, and is not expected to live.

The Town Clerk's office and the Council Chamber, in Edwards's Block, were also badly damaged. The fire is supposed to have been the work of an incendiary. The Providence and Worcester Railroad have set a gang of men to work, and will have a temporary depot completed to-morrow."

The New York Times, New York, NY 26 Jan 1882