Alameda, SK Tornado Destruction, July 1920




Alameda, Sask., July 23 -- The disastrous cyclone which swept death and destruction through this district last afternoon has a much worse tale to be told than was at first expected.
The total wreckage has not yet been computed exactly owing to a demoralized telephone service, but up to the time of writing there are 20 barns and seven dwelling houses completely shattered to matchwood. The worst feature of the disaster is the loss of life, as follows:
MRS. GUY HOLMES, dead, also her infant, which was only two days old.
MRS. R. J. BYERS, who was nursing at the HOLMES house, has died as a result of injuries received.
GUY HOLMES, husband of the dead woman, is lying in a precarious state in Frosbisher. His life is despaired of.
MRS. HOLMES' three-day-old baby is missing, although search parties have thoroughly searched the surrounding land over an area of a square mile.
From Lampman district comes the intelligence that three are dead there and about 20 injured. The Union Hospital at Lampman is filled to its capacity, and the medical men of Estevan were called out to Lampman to render assistance. It appears from all that can be gathered at the time of writing that the damage extends as far west as Yellow Grass and from that point to four miles east of Alameda the cyclone carried death and destruction in its teeth for a breadth of two miles in a sotheasterly direction.
In several cases there is absolute distress and want, as the complete earthly belongings of several whole families are gone. In the case of R. LONG the house and buildings are in splinters and the clothing and furniture cannot be located at all. The case of WILLIAM QUINN is similar. The sad part of the case is that two children are seriously injured.
Following is a list of the losses of homes and barns your correspondent has secured up to the time of writing:
DETLEF MARTEN'S house, wrecked and barn completely destroyed.
WILLIAM DUNNIGAN, house only a shell, and all outbuildings absolutely ruined and scattered for many miles.
CHARLES MILLAR, house badly shaken and outbuildings gone.
SAMUEL McKNIGHT, house shaken and all outbuildings damaged.
DAVE KING, house a total wreck and barn half wrecked.
WILLIAM WOOD, house in matchwood, and barns and outbuildings nowhere to be found.
R. LANG, house and whole property absolutely demolished (this is one of the orst cases that can be imagined).
GUY HOLMES, houe and all buildings blown for miles, not one stick left.
WILFRED BOYD, house only slightly damaged, but large barn of solid stone a total wreck.
A. E. SHERWIN, house only shaken, but all other buidings laid low.
AMOS LEGGETT, house and all buildings complete wreck.
FRANK TABER, house and commodious buildings of stone a total wreck.
E. J. D. JONES, house shaken and several outbuildings demolished.
J. H. MILLER, house badly shaken and all buildings total wreck.
C. ANTONBON, house only shaken, but all buildings complete wreck.
There are several others who have suffered very heavily.
It is absolutely necessary that some financial assistance be forthcoming at once from the provincial government. Many of the cases mentioned are absolutely destitute, and it is an utter impossibility for the surrounding municipalities or communities to give anything like the required aid.

Winnipeg Free Press Manitoba 1920-07-24