Battleship Massachusetts Explosion, Jan 1903


Eight-inch Charge Does Fatal Work in Battleship.

By Publishers’ Press Direct Wire
Washington, Jan 17 – The Navy Department received a dispatch from San Juan today, saying that an 8-inch charge exploded in one of the forward turrets of the Massachusetts, off Culebra Island. Five men were killed and four injured, none of them officers.

A HENDRICKSON, Norway, boatswain s mate
F H LOESSER, New York, apprentice
S F MALLNOISKI, Chicago, landsman
K J PLATTER, Troy, N Y, ordinary seaman
ROBERT RULE, Cincinnati, ordinary seaman

W W A Shert, Cleveland, O, apprentice
A S Tacke, St Louis, coxswain
J G Patterson, Pittsburg, ordinary seaman
A N Dossett, Durham, N C, ordinary seaman

The Trenton Times, Trenton, NJ 17 Jan 1903