Update on "Benjamin Noble" Lost 1914 partial Crew list

Besides Captain John Eisenhardt of Milwaulkee Wis

At least 9 other names known:
George R. Longley {mate} 1947 Whitney Ave Niagara Falls New York {Niagara Falls Gazette April 30, 1929-A Peep into the past}
John J. Cloonan {Steward} Oswego new York=also given as John Coleman of Oswego and William Cloenan
Thomas Proud (Steward} Oswego New York
Anthony Bolcoroski {2nd engineer} member of MEBA 37-also given as Paul Bolcoroski
Alvin Coger member of MEBA 37 also given as Edward Couger {Chief engineer}-reported to have been enguaged
Joel/Jed Coger {Oiler} of Port Clinton {brother of Alvin} {engauged to be married}
.pp.29-30 http://books.google.com/books?id=8Ag0AQAAMAAJ&pg=RA5-PA30&dq=Anthony+Bol...
Frank Cougher {Oiler} of Port Clinton
William Goulett {fireman} Toledo Ohio
Alvin Guntch {fireman} of Toledo Ohio

Notes of Interest
In 1912 Noble had to be repaired:

Note reports of crew report about 20 lost however 1914 Inspection reports report 16 were lost


On April 29, 1915 the detached cabin of the Noble was found on Minnesota Point


Note the Oswego Palladium July-Sept 1915 reported a dispatch from Daluth that a cook Thomas Ross of a wrecking Company reported seeing a long Spar 8 miles from Daluth on the North Shore near Knife River in Lake Superior

1917 court case involving the Benjamin Noble


Benjamin Noble Crew list

Note possible "Frank Cougher" is a mistake for "Joel/Jed Couger" ????
Possible relative???