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SS Corona Shipwreck


Block Island, RI Larchmont Disaster, Feb 1907

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The Sinking of the Eastland: America's Forgotten Tragedy

Chicago, July 24, 1915: Over 2,000 Western Electric employees and their families, dressed in their finest, arrived early at the riverfront to board the Eastland, a bold and breathtaking steamship. That morning the boat was scheduled to ferry its passengers to the annual company picnic in Michigan City. Suddenly, as it sat in port, the Eastland began to list. While thousands of people watched in horror, the ship rolled to its side and silently capsized, killing a staggering 844 people.






Ship Disasters

Explosions, Sinkings, Boating Accidents


More Ship Disasters

:: Mobile, AL Explosion of the Ocean Wave, Aug 1871  
:: San Pedro, CA Cruiser Tennessee Ship Explosion, Jun 1908
:: New London, CT Steamer Ontario Fire, Apr 1912
:: Satilla Mills, GA Boating Accident Jun, 1868
:: Steamship West Point wreck 1856
:: Attack on Pearl Harbor, HI Dec 1941
:: Pearl Harbor LST-353 Ship Explosion May 1944
:: Cairo, IL Storm & Ferry Boat Sinking, May 1896
:: Chicago, IL Eastland Disaster, Jul 1915 
:: Chicago, IL Hydroplane Wreck, Aug 1915 
:: Carrollton, KY Redstone Steamer Disaster, Apr 1852  
:: Boston, MA Schooner Benson Sinking, Dec 1894

Boston, MA Steamer Rose Standish Sinking, Aug 1884

:: Boston, MA Steamer Collision, Aug 1884
:: Marion, MA Boat Explosion, Jul 1908  
:: Nahant, MA Cabin Cruiser Fire, Jul 1950
:: New Bedford, MA Schooner J. W. Campbell Wreck, Apr 1896
:: Saginaw, MI Steamer Handy Boy Accident, Apr 1890
:: Lake Pepin Disaster, Jul 1890
:: Glen Park, MO Steamer City of Saltillo Wreck, May 1910 
:: Vicksburg, MS Steamer W. T. Scovel Explosion, Dec 1906
New York
:: General Slocum Disaster Jun 1904
:: Steamship Adirondack Wreck Jan 1891
:: Steamship Ravenshoe Fire Jan 1891
:: Steamer Griffel Sinking 1901
:: New York, NY Ferry Boat Wreck & Fire, Aug 1910 
:: NY Staten Island Ferry Wreck May 1902
:: NY New York Ship crashes into pier Feb 1907
:: NY Ship Frozen in, Jan 1885 
:: Canemah, OR Steamer Gazelle Explosion, Apr 1854 
:: Marshfield, OR Bawnmore Steamer Wreck Sept 1895

Marshfield, OR Schooner Osprey Wreck, Nov 1912

:: Steamer Aliquippa Sinking, Aliquippa, PA Aug 1928
Rhode Island
:: Block Island, RI Larchmont Disaster, Feb 1907
:: Knoxville, TN Boating Accident, July 1896
:: Fond du Lac, WI Boating Accident, Jul 1906 

La Crosse, WI Steamer War Eagle Fire, May 1870  

:: Lake Geneva, WI Boating Accident & Drowning, Jul 1895
:: Manitowoc Vernon Propeller Ship Wreck Oct 1887  
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Hoboken, NJ Fireboat in Action, early 1900s