Johannesburg, South Africa Hailstones Big as Coconuts, Feb 1936

19 Killed by Hailstones Big as Coconuts in Africa

Feb. 2 — A hailstorm in
which the hailstones were reported
to have been as large as
coconuts was said tonight to have
brought death to twenty-six natives
in the Transvaal.
The stones, it was reported,
killed nineteen, while seven were
drowned as a result of a cloudburst,
in which fifteen inches of
rain fell in fifteen minutes.
It is a matter of scientific record
that hailstones three and four
inches in diameter have fallen at
various places. An upward current
of air drives or holds raindrops
until they freeze in the
upper air and many more coatings
of water may successively
freeze, increasing the size of the

Feb. 3, 1936 edition of The New York Times