Manning, SC Two School Buses Collide, Jan 1953


Manning, S.C., Jan. 20 (UP) -- Two school buses, one loaded with white pupils and the other carrying only its Negro driver, collided head-on on a fogbound road today, killing two students and injuring 43.
WILL ANDERSON LEMON, 17-year-old Negro student driver who had just unloaded his passengers, and THOMAS HARELSON, 10 year-old occupant of the white bus, were injured fatally.
Lt. J. W. COLEMAN of the South Carolina Highway Patrol said the bus driven by LEMON attempted to pass another empty Negro school bus in the thick fog about 8:30 a.m. (EST). It plowed into the northbound bus loaded with white children ranging from first-graders to high school seniors.
"There were little children's books and pocketbooks lying all around," said MRS. KATHLEEN WHEELER of Manning, who reached the scene shortly after the crash. "The seats in the bus were so badly mangled it's a wonder all of them weren't killed."
Of the 43 injured, 16 were admitted to hospitals with "serious to critical" injuries. The others were released after first aid treatment.

Panama City News Florida 1953-01-21


Will anderson Lemon

I am writing a book on black history in South Carolina, would it be possible to send me some information on the life and education of Will Anderson Lemon. I would like to include him in my book. I would need information about the schools he attended. Location of where he lived. Why was he driving a bus?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Terence Johnson

The uncle I never met

As I am surfing through the websites online.....I got an urge to type in my ancestors just to see what would come up. I must say; since we were kids we knew about an uncle who died in a school bus accident but never made much of it. I ran across this article for the first time and it just felt so real to me; as if I was living back in 1953 when it happended. I never knew his name , just knew about him and his story. The 17-year old "Negro" mentioned in this article was my mother's brother; my uncle.......the son of my wonderful grandparents, brother of 11 siblings and the "uncle we never met."....Uncle Will Anderson Lemon