Bone Maker Point, SC Steamboat FREE TRADE Explosion, Mar 1836

Savannah, March 19.

It is our painful duty to announce the occurrence of an accident, attended with melancholy results. The Steamboat FREE TRADE, Capt. YOUNG, was on her passage from this city on Monday afternoon last, when about five o'clock, while the boat was near Bone Maker Point, about 50 miles from this city, one of her boilers burst, and badly scalded the Captain, a worthy, industrious man, who died about six hours afterwards, and killed instantly one colored man and scalded two others (colored) who have since died. The mate, engineer, and three colored men were also scalded, but hopes of their recovery are entertained. The Captain, it is said, was standing on the boiler house opposite the boiler which exploded, and was blown upon the blaes of cotton in one of the freight boats.

The Adams Sentinel Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1836-04-01