Charleston, SC Powder Magazine Explosion, Jan 1852

We learn by our Columbia contemporaries, the Carolinian and Republican, that an explosion took place in Charleston on the morning of the 31st January, in the United States Arsenal, by which the Powder Magazine was destroyed. The particulars are these:
"The explosion occurred in two brick buildings, twelve by fifteen, used as Laboratories, and attached to the Arsenal. JOHN BALTZER, a private, who had recently been preparing fireworks for Washington's birth-day was killed. It is supposed that he was ramming Roman Candles, the friction occasioned the explosion which communicated to the next building, containing about fifty pounds of powder, and entirely destroying it, blowing out the sides of another and doing damage to a third. BALTZER tried to escape, but was buried under the ruins, being horribly mangled."

Camden Journal, February 3, 1852, page 2