Fort Mill, SC, Lightning Strike, June 1897


Strikes a House on all Four Sides at the Same Time

Lightning got in some very freaky work in the house of J.T. DEATON, at Fort Mill, near Rock Hill, last week.

It attacked all sides of the building simultaneously, loosening the roof on the northeast corner, dislocating and shattering plastering and timbers on the west side, doing the same on the southwest corner and tearing off most of the weather boarding from the south side, hurling the boards from thirty to ninety feet.

In no place was the building fired, although built of pine. four children were asleep in one of the rooms through which the bolt passed, but they were not aroused. The most singular trick was the extinguishing of an oil lamp which was burning on a table in the hall and around which Mr. and Mrs. DEATON and a young lady guest were sitting inside. Mr. DEATON says the only sensation he had was as if a handful of coarse sand had been thrown on his head.

The County Record, June 17, 1897, page 3