Kershaw, SC, Lightning Strike, June 1897


But the Occupants Not Injured by the Thunderbolt

During a thunder storm at Kershaw, the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. COOK was struck by lightning and badly wrecked. The house is a two-story, seven-room building. The lightning struck one of the chimneys which run through the house, seemed to get between the weatherboarding and plastering, spreading in every direction and tearing up great gaps in every room except the cook room. The family were sleeping on a feather bed in a front room. The bedstead (oak) upon which Mr. and Mrs. COOK were lying was struck and one of its posts split in half from top to bottom but the family were unhurt except for a slight bruise upon one of Mrs. COOK's cheeks.

Some of the sills were split open and the walls and flooring badly wrecked. The house is a new one, Mr. COOK having very recently moved into it.

The County Record
June 24, 1897
page 6