Conway, SC Two Auto Collision, Sep 1957


By Vic McElheny
Morning News Staff Writer.
Conway, Sept. 2 - Two cars headed for today's stock car race in Darlington collided here this morning at the intersection of Highway 501 and 16th Avenue, killing five, and injuring four.
Two died instantly, two in ambulances speeding to a Conway hospital, and one at the hospital this afternoon.
The four injured are still hospitalized.
Coroner Littlejohn Blanton said, "I've viewed 125 bodies since I've been a coroner, and these are the worst I've seen yet."
Cpl. C. H. Tucker of the State Highway Patrol, who investigated said the smash-up occurred at 7:50 a.m. as a late-model Ford ran a stop sign "at a high rate of speed" and turned onto 501 from 16th Avenue. The Ford was hit by a 1956 Chevrolet traveling west of 501.
Coroner Blanton said he estimated the Chevrolet hit the Ford at the left front wheel. Both cars spun violently, he added, and all nine people in the two automobiles were hurled from the vehicles.
Blanton said MRS. LOUVENIA G. STEPHENS, 33, of Rt. 5, was killed instantly as one of the cars crushed her. Also killed instantly was HAROLD W. JONES, 34, of Rt. 3, Bluefield, W. Va. a rider in the Ford who died of a head injury. He was hurled against a tree.
MRS. STEPHENS' body, Blanton said, was mangled almost beyond recognition. "Not a bone in her body was left unbroken," Blanton added. "She had apparently been catapulted through the Chevrolet's windshield."
Dead on arrival at the hospital were DEERWOOD R. EDGE, of Rt. 1, Myrtle Beach, who was crushed under a car, and RUSSELL ASBURY, 38, of Nitro, W. Va., who suffered a crushed head and internal injuries when he was thrown to the side of the road.
Dying later of injuries was DAVID G. MOORE, 31, of Nemotris, W. Va., the driver of the Ford. MOORE suffered internal chest injuries, a torn diaphragm and spleen.
The injured according to Tucker and Blanton are:
EUGENE M. STEPHENS, 34, of Rt. 5, Conway husband of the dead Mrs. Stephens, and driver of the Chevrolet;
MRS. RUSSELL ASBURY, of Nitro, W. Va., in fair condition with a broken thigh bone;
MRS. ELIZABETH OUTLAW EDGE, 35, of Rt. 1, Myrtle Beach, in good condition with a broken leg;
and JERRY W. JONES, 40, of Bluefield, W.Va., brother of the dead man.
Earlier this afternoon, STEPHENS was listed as being in "serious" condition and unconscious. He suffered chest injuries and a fractured skull. Later reports listed his condition as fair.
Corporal Tucker said occupants of another auto on 16th Avenue reported that the Moore car sped past them about 200 yards from the intersection. He reported they did not see the brake lights flash.
Another man, Tucker said, told officers that Stephens had yelled at him about three blocks down the highway from the wreck scene. The Stephens auto was traveling slowly at the time, Tucker said investigation showed.

Florence Morning News South Carolina 1957-09-03